Realtapestry - Realtapesty don't respond to email orders or phone calls

Toronto, Ontario 1 comment

Never ever order from this company. Spoke to friends who did not ever receive shipments. Called the company at least a dozen times however, no one ever answers the phone.

They do not return emails or phonecalls. The address listed for company was actually a home address. This property was sold in Oct 07.

Unable to place order on line so contacted web hosting company. They were of NO help.

They do lots of advertising on the web to look like a real company but are absolutely HORRIBLE. Pathetic service. Infact NO service would be a better way to put it!!!!!!!

Review about: Wall Tapestry.



I had ordered 4 tapestries for my home and I received every one on time, in great condition and never once had a complaint. The hardware was bent on the "abundance" tapestry I ordered and they sent another set of hardware within a few days. I am saddened I can't seem to locate them on the web at the moment to make an additional purchase.

Rochelle, Plano, TX

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